• Glass cleaners are quick and easy to use: just spray on and wipe off.

  • Glass cleaner doesn’t need to be rinsed off and leaves windows, mirrors and glass doors clean and shiny with no streaks.

Bezpečné používání

  • Uchovávejte mimo dosah dětí.
  • Zamezte styku s očima. Při zasažení očí důkladně oči vypláchněte vodou.

Udržitelné používání

  • You can use glass cleaners to clean all sorts of glass surfaces, not just windows and mirrors.

  • If you’re cleaning the glass of a framed picture, spray the cleaner onto the cloth not the glass, to avoid it seeping down between the glass and the frame and damaging the picture.

  • Take care with computer monitors: these often have special surfaces that can be harmed by some cleaning products.

  • If there is a sleeve on the detergent bottle, remove it when empty and recycle it separately.