• You can use multi-purpose floor cleaners on any floor to remove everyday dirt, grease and other stains. Once dried, they provide a lasting shine to floors, and depending on the product even a thin layer of wax to offer protection against new stains.

  • Wood floor cleaners are specially formulated to clean and condition wood surfaces without damaging them.

  • Stone cleaners not only clean stone floors but also help to protect them from staining.

  • Laminate floor cleaners are designed to clean and help protect laminate surfaces from scratching and staining.

Safe use

  • Hoida lastele kättesaamatus kohas.
  • Vältida silma sattumist. Silma sattumisel loputada rohke veega.

Sustainable use

  • Choose products that have the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning logo on their label, this indicates that you are choosing a product that meets strict sustainability criteria.

  • How you apply the floor cleaner may depend on the type of floor surface – read the instructions on the label.

  • You usually apply floor cleaners diluted in lukewarm water. Some products can be applied undiluted to give you a glossy finish. In that case you should remove and reapply this glossy coating regularly.

  • Parquet cleaners remove dirt and grease from floors made of wood and similar materials. Ensure that the cloth is damp but not wet, as too much moisture can damage your parquet floor.

  • Parquet cleaners can be diluted in lukewarm water as well as undiluted to generate a self-glossy coating.

  • This coating helps to ensure a clean floor for a longer period of time and reduces the risk of surface damage. The self-glossy coating should be removed and reapplied regularly.

  • Stone cleaners remove dirt and grease from floors made of stone and similar materials, and most are applied in diluted lukewarm water. When used ‘undiluted’ some stone cleaning products can be used to obtain a self-glossy coating.

  • Using stone cleaners regularly also helps to ensure that your floors remain as clean as possible, for as long as possible.

  • Laminate cleaners remove dirt and grease from floors made of laminate and similar materials. Once dried, they provide a long-lasting protection against new stains.

  • To remove intensive dirt as well as old layers of wax, use a readily available pre-treatment cleaner.

  • Laminate cleaners should only be applied to floors once diluted in lukewarm water. Ensure that the cloth is damp but not wet, too much moisture can damage your laminate floor!

  • Regular application of laminate cleaners helps to keep your floor clean for a longer period of time.

  • Wood cleaning products help you to safely remove stains from all types of wood surfaces, while also allowing you to polish and protect your wooden floors and furniture.

  • To keep wooden floors, surfaces and furniture in good condition, avoid direct exposure to sun, which causes the wood’s natural colour to fade and accelerates the aging of wood.

  • Consider installing curtains or blinds to block direct sunlight and use coasters to protect wood surfaces from potentially damaging water-rings.