• All-purpose cleaners can safely deal with the unexpected, whether it’s muddy footprints on the floor, a kitchen spill or grimy door handles.

  •  Because they can clean many types of surfaces, they help to avoid the spread of bacteria and keep your household healthy.

  •  All-purpose cleaners are usually liquids and are also available in spray bottles as ready-to-use products.

Turvallinen käyttö

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Käyttö kestävällä tavalla

  • All-purpose cleaners can be used on lots of surfaces but there are some for which they are not suitable, so always read the label first.

  •  Clean work surfaces after they have been in contact with raw meat, poultry and fish to avoid cross-contamination with harmful bacteria. You may prefer to use a cleaner with additional anti-microbial agents (a disinfectant) for this, for better protection where there is a risk of infection.

  • Most all-purpose cleaners don’t need hot water to work well. Use lukewarm or even cold water and you can save energy, lower your carbon footprint and still get great cleaning results.

  • Use the recommended amount of product and always follow the usage instructions.