• Limescale removers dissolve limescale and restore shine by removing the dulling effect caused by limescale deposits and dirt.

  • They are acidic and can also remove other dirt such as soap scum, rust and general kitchen and bathroom grime.

Turvallinen käyttö

  • Ei lasten ulottuville.
  • Tuuleta huone käytön jälkeen.

Käyttö kestävällä tavalla

  • Limescale removers can be used safely on most surfaces including chrome fixtures, stainless steel and fibreglass surfaces, ceramic tiles, porcelain, glass and plastic.

  • Read the label to be sure a limescale remove is suitable for your surface.

  • Do not use limescale removers on marble, certain old enamels or aluminium.

  • Do not use limescale removers at the same time as cleaning products containing chlorine-based bleach – the two can react together and give off toxic fumes.

  • If there is a sleeve on the detergent bottle, remove it when empty and recycle it separately.