• Bleach products usually contain sodium hypochlorite (chlorine-based bleach), or sometimes hydrogen peroxide (oxygen-based bleach). These products offer both cleaning and disinfecting properties.

  • Sodium hypochlorite-based bleach products can be very effective at cleaning, disinfecting and removing tough stains from household surfaces. They are also good at killing bacteria, viruses and mould.

  • Peroxide-based bleach products work like regular bleach but are a bit less powerful. At certain concentrations, they are effective at killing germs.

  • Bleach products can be used either pure or diluted in lukewarm water.

Sigurna upotreba

  • Držite podalje od djece.
  • Držite daleko od očiju. Ako proizvod dođe u oči, isperite oči obilato vodom.
  • Ne gutajte. U slučaju gutanja proizvoda, potražite savjet liječnika.
  • Ne miješajte s drugim proizvodima.
  • Sadržaj ne pohranjujte u nekim drugim posudama.

Održiva upotreba

  • Bleach products are powerful so use them with care. Carpets, soft furnishings, clothes and some surfaces can be spoiled by drips and spillages, so take care when using bleach to avoid damage.

  • Never mix hypochlorite bleach products with other cleaning products, particularly acid-based ones like limescale removers, as toxic fumes can be released.

  •  Make sure the surface you want to apply bleach to can take it and won’t be damaged. Read the label first and if in doubt, test an inconspicuous area.