• Vitro ceramic cleaners are specially designed for ceramic glass so you can be sure they won’t scratch or otherwise damage the cooking surface.

  • Use a vitro ceramic cleaner to lift off burnt residue where just wiping with a damp cloth is not enough.

  • Cleaning a ceramic glass cooking appliance with a vitro ceramic cleaner and a damp cloth preserves the original shine and keeps the surface looking good for a long time.

Saugus naudojimas

  • Saugoti nuo vaikų.
  • Vengti patekimo į akis. Patekus į akis, nedelsiant gerai praplauti vandeniu.
  • Panaudojus nusiplauti rankas.
  • Vengti patekimo į burną. Prarijus kreiptis į gydytoją.
  • Asmenims, turintiems jautrią ar pažeistą odą, vengti ilgalaikio sąlyčio su produktu.

Tvarus naudojimas

  • Clean your ceramic hob after each use. Wait till the surface is cool and make sure ir is switched off.

  • Never use aggressive or abrasive agents, such as oven sprays, rust removers, scouring powders or abrasive sponges on your ceramic cooker surface.

  • Vitro ceramic glass cooking appliances need to be cleaned after each use. Normal dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Burnt residue should be removed first with a ceramic glass scraper; the glass ceramic surface should then be wiped clean with a vitro ceramic cleaner.

  • Wipe off any cleaning product residue before using the cooking zone again.

  •  If there is a sleeve on the detergent bottle, remove it when empty and recycle it separately.