• Regular use of an oven cleaner will keep the oven clean, preventing bad odours and smoke caused by burnt-on remains.

  • Oven cleaners in spray form make it easier to clean hard to reach parts of the oven.

  • You can use oven cleaners not only on the oven itself but also on grill pans, roasting trays and pots and pans.

Saugus naudojimas

  • Saugoti nuo vaikų.
  • Vengti patekimo į akis. Patekus į akis, nedelsiant gerai praplauti vandeniu.
  • Vengti patekimo į burną. Prarijus kreiptis į gydytoją.
  • Produktą papildyti tik toje pačioje pakuotėje.

Tvarus naudojimas

  • Most of these products contain caustic ingredients that can be corrosive to the skin and the eyes.

  • It is therefore crucial to follow the instructions regarding the correct dosage and to observe all warnings.

  • Oven cleaners are mainly alkaline products. Use them with care: follow the dosage instructions and observe the warnings.