• Surface-care disinfectants can deal with the unexpected bacteria and kill harmful bacteria from kitchen countertops. They help avoid the spread of these bacteria and help keep your household healthy.

  • If someone at home has a gastro-intestinal illness (stomach-flu) for example, it is wise to take extra precaution and to use a disinfectant.

  • As well as cleaning, these products also contain anti-microbial agents that tackle bacteria (anti-bacterials) and kill virtually all types of viruses and moulds (bleach-based).

Varna uporaba

  • Hranite nedosegljivo otrokom.
  • Ne približujte očem. Če snov pride v oči, jih temeljito izperite z vodo.
  • Ne zaužiti izdelka. Če zaužijete izdelek, poiščite medicinsko pomoč.

Trajnostna uporaba

  • Read the label to make sure the product is suitable for the surface you want to clean. With regular use, disinfectants keep cleaning surfaces hygienic.

  • If there is a sleeve on the detergent bottle, remove it when empty and recycle it separately.