• They unclog drains, leaving pipes free of blockage, clean and hygienic.

  • They can help avoid costly plumbers’ bills in the event of a blocked drain pipe.

  • They are available as liquids and solid products.

Varna uporaba

  • Hranite nedosegljivo otrokom.
  • Ne približujte očem. Če snov pride v oči, jih temeljito izperite z vodo.
  • Ne zaužiti izdelka. Če zaužijete izdelek, poiščite medicinsko pomoč.
  • Ne mešajte z drugimi proizvodi.
  • Pri shranjevanju vsebine ne smete zamenjati posode.

Trajnostna uporaba

  • Most of these products contain caustic ingredients that can be corrosive to the skin and the eyes. It is therefore crucial to follow the instructions regarding the correct dosage and to observe all warnings.

  • The product should not be dangerous if used correctly, but make sure to take some extra precautions because these products are often corrosive.

  • Use drain cleaner safely and make sure the product is kept out of reach of children at all times.

  • Use gloves when manipulating drain cleaners.

  • Always close the bottle firmly with the child resistant closure including before throwing the empty bottle away.
    Don’t leave the sink unattended otherwise, keep the room locked for the entire soaking time.